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A Strange Loop Opens on Broadway: The Must-See New Musical of the Season

The cast and creative team of A Strange Loop took the stage at The Lyceum Theater to celebrate Opening Night on April 26th. The 26th is a special day in the SHO within a SHO: "You turn 26 on the 26th. And this will never happen again. So, enjoy your day!"

Watch the curtain call & speech from Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright Michael R. Jackson speech.

Filmed & edited by Shoshana / @bwaySHO for

It was a night of celebrations for everyone involved in the production and friends of the SHO.

A Strange Loop features Jaquel Spivey, making his Broadway debut, as Usher. He joins original cast members L Morgan Lee (Thought 1), James Jackson, Jr. (Thought 2), John-Michael Lyles (Thought 3), John-Andrew Morrison (Thought 4), Jason Veasey (Thought 5), and Antwayn Hopper (Thought 6).

Michael R. Jackson is the Playwright, Composer and Lyricist. Stephen Brackett is the director, Raja Feather Kelly is the choreographer, Rona Siddiqui is the Music Supervisor and Charlie Rosen is the orchestrator. Head over to A Strange Loop's website for a complete list of the cast and creative team.

See the stars walk the purple carpet on their way into the SHO.

The Post-SHO scene was filled with reunions.

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