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A Strange & Unusual Loop at Broadway in Bryant Park

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

It's A Strange & Unusual Loop at Broadway in Bryant Park's final week as Beetlejuice, A Strange Loop, Six and Moulin Rouge perform. The fans took to Bryant Park in numbers on Thursday, August 25th, to see free performances of their favorites SHOs.

Alex Brightman and Elizabeth Teeter chat with Shoshana AKA bwaySHO at Broadway in Bryant Park after their performances.

Kyle Freeman & the cast of A Strange Loop perform “Inner White Girl,” by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize Winner-Michael R. Jackson at Broadway in Bryant Park. Plus, see Beetlejuice cast members Alex Brightman and Elizabeth Teeter jam along to the tune backstage. This video contains clips from both soundcheck and the performance.

Watch Beetlejuice's full set at Broadway in Bryant Park, including, "Dead Mom," "Barbara 2.0" and "Say My Name."

The SHO started out with SIX Queens giving us "Ex-Wives" & "Six."

We wanna know how many times you've listened to Michael R. Jackson's music because the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning music has bop after bop.

Come what may, we're heading to the Moulin Rouge! for "Lady Marmalade."

A STRANGE LOOP dances to Moulin Rouge! during interview plus SHO clips from Broadway in Bryant Park in this bwaySHO report!

Elizabeth Teeter is one of Beetlejuice's newest cast members, having joined the Netherworld when Broadway returned and she's taking the world by storm!

Watch her performance of fan-favorite song, "Dead Mom."

John-Andrew Morrison sings the 'trauma bop of the season' with "Periodically" from A Strange Loop, featuring Kyle Freeman.

Derek Klena & Oyoyo Joi performed, "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge! The Musical at Broadway in Bryant Park.

It's SHO Time! Beetlejuice says my name in the musical in a pivotal moment and here Alex (Beetlejuice) wants Elizabeth (Lydia) to say Beetlejuice three times.

In-between performing and chatting with bwaySHO, Alex Brightman bopped along to "Inner White Girl" as Kyle Freeman and the cast of A Strange Loop took over Bryant Park.

Kerry Butler and David Josefsberg are *not* kombucha people as they perform, "Barbara 2.0."

Kyle Freeman represents the power of understudies with this stunning rendition of "Memory Song" along with the cast of A Strange Loop.

Come on, SHO 'em what you're worth as Oyoyo Joi performs, "Firework," from Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Want to enjoy A Strange Loop's full set without an intermission? Watch "We Wanna Know," "Periodically," "Inner White Girl" and "Memory Song" below!

Check out performances from previous Broadway in Bryant Park on and the Broadway in Bryant Park playlist on bwaySHO YouTube.

Check out the photo gallery by Shoshana / @bwaySHO.

For all of your favorite theatre performances and reports, subscribe to Shoshana's YouTube channel. Please consider becoming a SHOtreon by supporting via her bwaySHO Patreon. Thanks for checking out

See you at the SHO!

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