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'Another Hundred People' just entered the COMPANY Lottery

Cast members of the hit Broadway show COMPANY performed "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" in front of an electric crowd, which flooded into 45th Street. COMPANY offered a one-night-only in person lottery, where all 24 standing room tickets were free.

The cast members performing were: Bobby Conte, Claybourne Elder and Kyle Dean Massey.

Earlier in the week Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the music and lyrics to COMPANY, attended the first preview of the Broadway show's revival, starring Katrina Lenk and Patti LuPone.

Want to try your luck at the lottery? COMPANY offers a digital lottery and in person rush every performance day for $43 a piece. If a performance is sold out, you can also try for standing room tickets sold at $32 a piece. Limit two per person.

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