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Broadway In Bryant Park 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Broadway In Bryant Park returned for a special one day concert!

Rather than a weekly summer festival, 13 musicals came together for a wonderful celebration September 23rd.

Tshidi Manye performed "Circle Of Life" from The Lion King at Broadway In Bryant Park.

SIX: The Musical cast members Keirsten Hodgens, Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Courtney Mack and Mallory Maedke performed, "Heart of Stone" at Broadway In Bryant Park.

Emily Koch performs "What Baking Can Do" from Waitress at Broadway In Bryant Park.

Emily Koch & Jim Hogan sing, "Bad Idea" from Waitress at Broadway in Bryant Park.

Broadway in Bryant Park is a highlight of the year for performers and fans alike, who enjoy connecting with one another for this day filled of free performances, making theatre more accessible.

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