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Broadway in Bryant Park is the 'Greatest Star'

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Week three of Broadway in Bryant Park was filled with highly anticipated numbers

Julie Benko delighted the crowd with her rendition of "I'm The Greatest Star" from Funny Girl.

Talia Suskauer defies gravity as she sings, "The Wizard And I" from Wicked.

Allie Trimm knows exactly what you need & her rendition of, "Popular" from Wicked.

Get a sneak peak of 1776 coming to the American Airlines Theatre

Watch Come From Away's full set, including "Welcome To The Rock," "Me And The Sky" and "Somewhere In The Middle of Nowhere," at Broadway in Bryant Park.

Will Swenson takes on the role of Neil Diamond in A Beautiful Noise. Watch their set below!

Rachel Tucker sings the Come From Away hit song, "Me And The Sky."

Talia Suskauer & James D. Gish perform, "As Long As You're Mine,"

The cast of Come From Away sings, "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere."

Enjoy the photo gallery by @bwaySHO!

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