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Broadway in the Boros Brings Free Performances to the People

The annual live theatre performance series, Broadway in the Boros, celebrates 5 years of bringing free music across New York City.

The first week included performances from Beetlejuice, Little Shop of Horrors, The Book of Mormon and Chicago.

On the 16th day of the month of September, cast and band members from Little Shop of Horrors sang hits from the Off-Broadway musical.

The performers include Josh Daniel, Camryn Hampton, Aaron Arnell Harrington, Michael Iannucci, Weston Chandler Long, Cristina Raé, Khadija Sankoh, Melissa Victor and Teddy Yudain.

Musicians include Will Van Dyke, Marc Malsegna, Mark Vendidno and Dan Weiner.

It's SHO Time! Beetlejuice gave the audience a chance to say their name 3 times.

Performers include: Andrew Kober (Beetlejuice), Dana Steingold (Lydia), Graham Stevens (Adam) and Kate Bailey (Delia & Barbara).

Musicians include Kris Kukul as the music director, Josh Samuels- Drums, Adam Laird- Keys 1, Sharon Kenny -Keys 2, John Putnam - Guitar 1, Dave Cinquegrana Guitar 2 and Conrad Korsch - Bass

Chicago opened the event with glitz and glam.

Performers include, Rachel Schur - Roxie, Brian O’Brien - Billy, Celina Nightengale -Mama Morton, Arina Kenddell, Jessica Ernest, Jeffery Gorti, Drew Nelleson, Jermain Rembert

Musician include: Scott Cady- Music Director/Keyboard Steve Singer- Drums and Ray Cetta - Bass/Tuba

Tech and creative include: Marian DeWitt - Stage Manager Meghan Carsella - Wardrobe David Bushman - Choreographer

The Book of Mormon included performances from Kimberly Exum and Cody Strand.

Musicians include: Adam Ben-David - MD/Conductor/Keyboard, Eric Halvorson - Drums, Jake Schwartz - Guitar and Dave Phillips - Bass.

Stay tuned for more videos from Broadway in the Boros! Learn more about the program and see the full 2022 schedule here!

The event has ASL interpreters at the front of the stage.

The event is hosted by Julie James and you can luck with Broadway and Boro questions to win swag and tickets!

Photos by Shoshana / @bwaySHO

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See you at the SHO!

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