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bwaySHO Glam Up

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

bwaySHO is now illustrated! Chelsey Hill turned Shoshana's look from the TONY Awards and created this image.

From a hand drawn logo to a commissioned illustration, bwaySHO got an upgrade!

Shoshana commissioned the wildly talented Chelsey Hill (Illustrating Diva) to glam up my bwaySHO logo. I sketched the image below a while back and it's amazing to see how it grew and evolved.

Now, we even have a bwaySHO animation, with the lights of the marquee sparkling.

To Subscribe to Shoshana's bwaySHO YouTube Channel, please click here. If you'd like to support her bwaySHO Patreon and become a SHOtreon click here! Thanks for watching & we'll see you at the SHO!

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