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EPIC Players Celebrate Neurodiversity at The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

EPIC Players cast members and Aubrie Therrien, Executive Artistic Director of EPIC Players, chat with @bwaySHO after their final dress rehearsal on May 11th.

Filmed by Shoshana / @bwaySHO & Mikayla Coxe

In the video above, you can enjoy the curtain call, interview and post-SHO Q&A '

The cast features Cameron Walker (Olive’s Dad), Carly Hayes (Rona), Claire Mercier (Olive), Conor Tague (Barfee), Ethan Jones (Dan’s Dad), Gerard Riley (Panch), Gianluca Cirafici (Leaf), Gideon Pianko (Carl’s Dad), Miles Butler (Chip), Nada Smith (Mitch), Natalie Kaiser (Schwarzy), Sarah Kaufman (Olive’s Mom), Shiho Kawai (Marcy), Sean McGowan (Audience Speller), and Katherine Cristofano (Ensemble).

EPIC Players is a nonprofit theatre company that opens the stage to all types of artists and seeks to shine a light on neuro-diverse talent. We believe our differences are our strengths. And that a more open stage connects artists and audiences to more representation, more inspiration, and more opportunities.

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