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Freestyle Love Supreme Completes 'Second Chance' at Broadway Run

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

With two successful runs on Broadway and gearing up for a National Tour, Freestyle Love Supreme takes their bows, one last time at The Booth Theatre.

Watch the FLS company give one last mic check, plus Anthony Veneziale (Two-Touch) gives a speech.

It was a giant party on stage with all FLS members (cast and crew) in the building had their moment to shine. The closing word was Brûlée, which you can see everyone act out in their final pose.

UTK the INC reunited with the FLS family on their final day at The Booth Theatre.

Now let's take it back to Freestyle Love Supreme's Opening Night (2021).

Back in 2019, FLS ran on Broadway, bringing in surprise special guests throughout their time at The Booth Theatre. Take a look back at their Opening Night curtain call.

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