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It's SHO Time: Alex Brightman returns to BEETLEJUICE!

The official Beetlejuice account shared the news we've been waiting for: Alex Brightman is officially returning as the ghost with the most!

Besides from the rest of the cast announcement, the big question is - does he remember the lyrics?

Watch Alex Brightman work through the lyrics of as he speaks with Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line!

Watch the full interview below!

You don't need to wait until April 8th to visit The Netherworld. Watch the Beetlejuice playlist on bwaySHO YouTube. It'll get you in the Beetlejuice spirit!

It's SHO Time!

With over 1 million views, watch Alex Brightman & Sophia Anne Caruso perform, "Say My Name" at Broadway in Bryant Park.

Stay tuned for coverage of Beetlejuice's return and grab your tix on

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. BEETLEJUICE!

For all of your favorite theatre performances and reports, subscribe to Shoshana's YouTube channel. Please consider becoming a SHOtreon by supporting via her bwaySHO Patreon. Thanks for checking out

See you at the SHO!

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