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Joe Iconis, Lauren Marcus & Special Guests Launch Two River Theater Plaza Players Series

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Lauren Marcus, Joe Iconis, Eric William Morris, Amina Faye, Kelly McIntyre, Nygel D. Robinson and Seth Eliser performed the final evening of 'Joe Iconis + Lauren Marcus, with other special guests' Plaza Players Series at Two River Theater. The series continues throughout the summer with special performances by Two River Theater artists.

Watch the Iconis And Family performance of "Party Hat" featuring Lauren Marcus and Eric WIlliam Morris, and Joe Iconis on kazoo & keys.

Kelly McIntyre and Amina Faye sing the hit "Oh Well" from Love In Hate Nation.

Continuing with LIHN, Amina and Kelly also performed "The Other One." Love In Hate Nation had their World Premiere at Two River Theater, the same home of Iconis' Be More Chill.

Joe Iconis and family got the crowd involved with their energetic song, "Amphibian."

Get ready to do the robot dance with Joe Iconis & Family!

Lauren Marcus is an incredible singer-songwriter and performed her original songs.

Be careful listening to this next tune during a full moon!

Check out the photo gallery below!

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