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Robbie Rozelle is Back In The Basement

Robbie Rozelle dazzled audiences at his return to 54 Below. Watch a highlight video below!

Here's the SHO description on 54 Below's website.

After a very brief hiatus (and practically one year to the date of the release of his debut album), Robbie Rozelle returns to the basement with an all-new show just for Pride. And after a year and a half of binging all of Netflix, the acclaimed entertainer has some things to say. Join Robbie and his teeny-tiny band as they celebrate life, love, and living out loud in a new hilarious romp from the creator of Songs From Inside My Locker and Tuesdays at 54 that is sure to be full of his signature medleys, razor-sharp wit, and just a soupçon of snark. He just hopes his suit jacket still fits. And if it doesn’t, who cares? It’s a celebration! Featuring special guest Joseph C. Townsend.

Written and Performed by Robbie Rozelle Musical direction and Arrangements by Yasuhiko Fukuoka

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