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SheNYC Summer Theater Festival SHOcases original works by gender-marginalized artists

SheNYC Arts hosts their 5th summer theater festival at The Connelly Theatre from July 26th to August 7th.

Gray, To Free A Mockingbird, One Day Down and Safe Hands at SheNYC Summer Theater Festival, (Shoshana / @bwaySHO)

The festival includes 9 SHOs: To Free A Mockingbird by Grace Aki, Dream a Little Dream of Me by Kay Kemp, Hack by Jordyn Stoessel, Gray by Kristy Thomas, One Day Down, by Samantha Toy Ozeas, Pot Odds by Gabrielle Wagner Mann, Safe Hands, by Alara Magritte & Daniel Rosen, Sheepwell, By Margaret Rose Caterisano and The Waiting, A New Musical, by EmmaLee Kidwell and Maria Isabella Andreoli.

Check out the photo gallery below from Shoshana / @bwaySHO and get in person & virtual tickets for the SheNYC Summer Theater Festival.

Get to know SheNYC Arts

SheNYC Arts supports and showcases the talents of writers, composers, producers, directors, and other theater artists who are part of a marginalized gender group, including cis women, trans, and non-binary people.

Our mission is to prove that there is no reason for male artists to have the overwhelming majority of professionally produced work on Broadway, off-Broadway, and around the country. We provide artists with the resources they need on their path to leadership roles in the industry.

Each summer, we produce our Summer Theater Festivals in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Year-round, we provide women writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the theater industry, including CreateHER, our program for high school students interested in pursuing careers as playwrights and producers.

Please note that anyone who identifies as a cis woman, trans person, or non-binary person is welcome to apply for all of our programs.

There are also theater festivals with SheATL and SheLA.

For all of your favorite theatre performances and reports, subscribe to Shoshana's YouTube channel. Please consider becoming a SHOtreon by supporting via her bwaySHO Patreon. Thanks for checking out

See you at the SHO!

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