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The Parts I Keep Inside

Shoshana chats with 'The Parts I Keep Inside' award-winning composer/lyricist Jeffrey Schmelkin ahead of song cycle at the Triad Theatre July 31st at 7pm.

The Parts I Keep Inside is a new song cycle by award-winning composer/lyricist Jeffrey Schmelkin (Untitled Time: A New Musical, What's Wrong With The World?) that takes a deep dive into the virtues of the human condition through the composer’s own experiences. Join us as we explore moments of sincerity, embarrassment, and vulnerability in an effort to discover the truths that unite us all.


Ellis Gage

Ryan Hudzik

Andrea Levinsky

Beda SpindolaI


Patrick B. Phillips

Josh Roberts

Rachel Beauregard

Produced by Rye Myers (Rye Entertainment).

Graphic by Emma Idalei Ingalls.

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