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The SHO Must Go On...line!

Updated: May 5, 2021

Shoshana is the fan's reporter. She gives backstage access to connect passionate theatre fans with Broadway's biggest stars and creatives.

With Broadway closed and non-essential workers sheltered in place, bwaySHO is bringing the theatre community together with the live YouTube series: The SHO Must Go On...line!

Shoshana's guests have been: Joe Iconis and Lauren Marcus, Fergie L. Philippe, Alex Brightman, Rob Rokicki and Amanda Flynn, Jaime Lozano and Florencia Cuenca, Morgan Siobhan Green, Eliza Ohman and Nik Walker, James Snyder, Kimberly Marable, Carvens Lissaint, Jason SweetTooth WIlliams, Nick Blaemire, Jasmine Forsberg, Ana Villafañe, Mandy Gonzalez, Lance Rubin, Drew Gasparini, Ezra Menas Michael R. Jackson, L Morgan Lee, Amara Brady, Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin, Sis, Alexandra Silber, Kahyle Braxton, Leonard J. Moore II, Emilie Battle, Tarik Davis, Jelani Remy. Broadway Custom: Tony winners Sue Gilad and Larry Rogowsky, GG, SAY's Travis Robertson and Daniella Sapone, Felicia Boswell Nate Lombardi, Antuan Magic Raimone, PodballsUK: Steven Brockenbrow, Matt Hibbert and Nick, Joel L. Daniels, Karla Puno Garcia, Mike Anthony, Sara Laursen, Ian Weinberger, Sean Zuni, The Broadway Makers Alliance (Andrea Koehler, Laura Bonacci, Ryan Myers and Rebecca Haycock), Chelsey Hill, Peter Spencer, Jewelle Blackman, Aneesa Folds, Christopher Morucci, Andrew Bancroft AKA Jelly Donut, Chris De La Cruz, Broadway Husbands, Paul E. Reese, Nia Blizzard, Bill Sherman, Broadway Makers Alliance II (Melissa Crabtree, Elexa Bancroft, Channa S-B and Maddie Jantzi), Jen Wheeler Kahn, Debora Balardini, Louis Armistead, BS, Broadway Makers Alliance III (Kathleen Cogbill Warr and Libby Parker), Jen Scarpelli, Qurrat Ann Kadwani, Jamie Maletz, Brianna Simpkins, Marshall W. Mabry IV, Tahara Anderson (aka T), Abe Goldfarb, Hayley St. James. Laura Schein, Katie Oxman, Daniel Mertzlufft, The Skivvies, Lacretta, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Morgan Reilly, Zachary Thompson Lane, Beetlejuice Fans, SHOtreons Election Coverage, Jacklyn Thrapp, Kathryn Allison & Yvonne Stennett Chat CLOTH's 68th Gala, Grace Vaughan, Devin Ilaw, Tanya Heath, Christae Evanson, Elinor T Vanderburg and Drew Vanderburg, Broadway Broads, Emily Boyd, Harrison Bryan: A Hanukkah Carol, Broadway Makers Alliance Holiday Edition, Erin Black & Backstage Bazaar, Katie Johantgen & James Penca,

All episodes of The SHO Must Go On...line! are on the bwaySHO YouTube at 5pm ET, unless a new time is specifically noted. Tune in and ask questions in the comments section!

Get to know the guests:

TONY nominee Joe Iconis and Lauren Marcus joined Shoshana for the first episode of the series.

Hamilton's Fergie L. Philippe was next up.

Followed by two-time nominee Alex Brightman!

Rob Rokicki and Amanda Flynn took over next.

The power couples continue as Jaime Lozano and Florencia Cuenca joined.

Morgan Siobhan Green sang a beautiful rendition of "Rainbow Connection."

SHOnanigans a plenty with Eliza Ohman and Nik Walker.

Bloody brilliant! James Snyder joins Shoshana and sings "Wonderwall."

"We raise our cups" to Kimberly Marable for joining and singing this beautiful Hadestown tune.

Carvens Lissaint and I went in on Hamilton, having a child, racial issues with our country and how much we love EduHam. Plus so much more, give it a watch!

Jason SweetTooth Williams and I spoke at length about Be More Chill, Broadway Bounty Hunter and so much more!

Nick Blaemire goes through his impressive body of work, including the time he simultaneously was in a Broadway show and put one up.

Jasmine Forsberg and I couldn't stop laughing. Plus, she sang her original song: "Number One"

Ana Villafañe sings a stunning rendition of, "Wait for It."

"Everything is easier when you're home," so stay home and watch my chat with Mandy Gonzalez.

Co-writer of Broadway Bounty Hunter Lance Rubin is creating even more new work you're going to want to check out.

Drew Gasparini jams out to"For A Minute" and chats with Shoshana about all of his projects.

Ezra Menas talks about Jagged Little Pill and sings "Hand In My Pocket" with a ukulele.

Pulitzer Prize winner Michael R. Jackson speaks with Shoshana About A Strange Loop and his other projects.

L Morgan Lee discusses being in A Strange Loop and her journey as an actress.

Amara Brady sings her original song: "Asking for the Moon."

Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin teach Shoshana how to beatbox.

Sis sings "Waving Through A Window" from Dear Evan Hansen.

We hear all about Al Silber's famous cat: Tatiana Angela Lansbury Romanov.

Black Lives Matter. Period. Shoshana and Kahyle Braxton aka Gedun talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the Freestyle Love Supreme Academy.

Leonard J. Moore and Shoshana talk about going through the FLS Academy together and he debuts his new piece, "Real Facts."

Emilie Battle shares her experience as a Black and Jewish actor in New York City.

Technical difficulties and time delays couldn't stop Tarik Davis and Shoshana from having a great time chatting.

Jelani Remy sings, "Rainbow Connection," gives Shoshana a new theme song and so much more.

Tony Award-winning Broadway producers Sue Gilad and Larry Rogowsky talk about Broadway Custom.

GG talks about In The Heights, Hamilton and Freestyle Love Supreme.

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young is a fabulous non-profit organization. Travis Robertson and Daniella Sapone share their experiences with SAY and each perform a song.

Felicia Boswell talks about her acting journey and how she believes jobs choose her.

Nate and Shoshana freestyle, and he shares how he's using his super powers to change the world.

Antuan Magic Raimone is a Universal Swing for Hamilton and shares everything that goes into that job title.

Steven Brockenbrow, Matt Hibbert and Nick Roberts host the podcast: PodballsUK: The A to Z of music.

Joel L. Daniels self-describes as a performer, author and story-teller, born and raised in the Bronx who writes and tells stories for Black people. He wrote "A book about things I will tell my daughter" and did a Ted Talk: The beautiful, hard work of co-parenting.

Karla Puno Garcia is a performer, choreographer and educator. When Broadway reopens, you can see her as a swing in HAMILTON on Broadway.

Mike Anthony is an actor, writer and is currently working on "Life At Hamilton." You might know Mike from his incredible stories as the Bar Manager at Hamilton, which he shares for everyone to enjoy on Facebook.

Sara is an NY based performer, producer and The executive Director of TDC NYC, a non-profit theater company. For the past 10 years Sara as performed in Theater productions regionally and throughout NY such as “This Ones For The Girls” at DCT and The Off Broadway Revival of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues as “Dancer”. By night you can find her behind the bar slinging drinks at some of your favorite Broadway musicals and building websites for actors. Hamilton is one of those musicals, where she also plays on their softball team!

In this video you'll hear her sing "Stars and the Moon" by Jason Robert Brown.

Ian Weinberger is the Music Director and conductor of HAMILTON on Broadway. If you saw Freestyle Love Supreme on Broadway, you might know Ian as Berger Time on the keys. Beyond Hamilton and FLS, Ian works with the Broadway Teachers Workshop.

Connect with Ian @ianstagramiam.

Sean Zuni joins Shoshana today on The SHO Must Go On...line! Sean has been in Hamilton on Broadway, Chicago, and was getting ready to open the show in LA. After the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, they looked into Black-owned coffee shops in the area and realized this would be a new purpose in life: To build a space for Black artists in the community.

Please consider donating to Zuni's Café.

Shoshana chats with her fellow Broadway Makers Alliance members: Laura Bonacci, Andrea Koehler, Ryan Myers & Rebecca Haycock!!!

Chelsey Hill aka Illustrating Diva joins Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line!

Spence & I worked at NJY Camps together for three years, went to musicals after every summer and I even flew out to the UK for his fabulous wedding! Plus, he’s a reporter & producer for BBC Radio Derby / Sheffield Steelers reporter for BBC Radio Sheffield.

You can connect with Peter @_PeterSpencer on Twitter and @peterspencer100 on Instagram.

Jewelle Blackman joins Shoshana for The SHO Must Go On...line! Jewelle is making her Broadway debut in Hadestown as one of The Fates. She is an actor, singer-songwriter, playwright, and violinist from Toronto, Canada. Her previous theatre credits include the Canadian companies of Hadestown; The Lion King; We Will Rock You; Caroline, or Change; Dreamgirls and three seasons at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

On screen, you can see Jewelle in "Kim's Convenience," Shadowhunters" and "Nine Lives." Connect with Jewelle @elleshey/IG and @JewelleBlackman on Twitter.

Aneesa Folds stole the show as Young Nees in Freestyle Love Supreme. If you had the good fortune of seeing her on Broadway with FLS, you know she possesses that special sauce. As a trained actor, singer and freestyler, she graduated from the FLS Academy and was recruited to join the group.

You may also know Aneesa from her work in Freaky Friday at North Shore Music Theatre, being a part of the Broadway Inspirational Voices, as well as a number of other productions.

Christopher Morucci describes himself an Actor, Dancer, Singer, & Mental Health Advocate. Fan of friendship and breaking into song. Based in New York City.

Christopher and Shoshana graduated from the FLS Academy and often freestyle together during rap recess.

Andrew "Jelly Donut" Bancroft joins Shoshana for her 50th episode of The SHO Must Go On...line!

Andrew was recently starring on Broadway with Freestyle Love Supreme. When he's not with FLS or the FLS Academy, you can find him performing with Moondrunk.

Tune in right here at 5pm ET and think of some words for our virtual word bucket!

Chris de la Cruz/MC Lightbulb is a professional actor, improviser, sketch writer, freestyle rapper, and beatboxer (who LOVES to cook). He’s appeared in commercials and videos for Visa, Optimum, Reader’s Digest, Buzzfeed, and Flama. He’s also in the award winning short film, “Dolls and Cigarettes.”

Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna, the fabulous Broadway Husbands, join Shoshana for The SHO Must Go On...line! Their designs are going to help the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, Trevor Project, and the Actorsfund, so definitely go check it out before our live interview.

Tony, Emmy and Grammy Award winner Bill Sherman joins Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line! Get to know Bill through his bio below:

Bill Sherman won the 2008 Tony Award for Best Orchestrations for In the Heights and the 2008 Grammy Award as the co-producer of the In The Heights Original Broadway Cast Album. He also won the 2011 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song-Children’s and Animation for Sesame Street’s “What I Am” and the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song-Children’s and Animation for Sesame Street’s “The Power of Yet” as well as the 2018 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song-Children’s and Animation for Sesame Street’s “A Song About Songs” featuring Sia. He was nominated for a 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for the theme music to AMC’s Storymakers. Bill is the Music Director of Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Nature Cat, and Donkey Hoté on PBS and HBO. Recently, he produced the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Album with The Roots for Atlantic Records for which he won a 2016 Grammy Award. He is a co-host of Questlove Supreme on Pandora with Ahmir Thompson of the Roots and Phonte Coleman of Little Brother.

Currently, he is music supervising & Juliet, a musical featuring the songs of Max Martin at The Shaftsbury Theater in London’s West End. He is composing Fly, with Director Jeffrey Seller, premiering at the La Jolla Playhouse. Additionally, he is Executive Music Producer for In the Heights for Warner Brothers Pictures directed by Jon Chu and Tick, Tick, Boom for Netflix, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is a proud member of NY's premier hip-hop, improv and comedy group, Freestyle Love Supreme that traveled to the Aspen, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Montreal comedy festivals and has just completed a Broadway run. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University.

Nia and Shoshana graduated from the FLS Academy the same season. Since then, the two of them have seen Broadway together, participated in rap recess and constantly talk all things Broadway.

Melissa Crabtree, Elexa Bancroft, Channa S-B and Maddie Jantzi (Members of the Broadway Makers Alliance) join Shoshana for The SHO Must Go On...line!

Paul(i)/Paul E. Reese aka Dr. Pauli comes to FLS Academy and BwaySHO from Philly, where they have lived since 2011. In Philly, Paul(i) splits their time between performing and coaching in comedy, musical improv, freestyle/hip-hop, and technical theater AND offering social services and mental/spiritual health care to folx experiencing severe symptoms of poverty. Most recently, they've been serving as the volunteer chaplain-at-large of the homeless encampment in Philadelphia's museum district (aka the Ben Franklin Parkway). They co-founded and produce the shows "Listen, Lurkers: an Improvised Musical E-Show" and "Props: the Freestyle Hip-Hop Game Show starring BS," both with improvisers and freestyle artists from across the country. IG/TW: episcopaulian

Jen Wheeler Kahn is the CEO and Founder of SCENERY. Join Shoshana and Jen, two members of the Broadway Makers Alliance, right here Tuesday, July 28th, at 5pm ET for The SHO Must Go On...line!

Get to know Jen through her SCENERY bio: When she's not not behind her computer or visiting the shops in Florida and South Carolina, our CEO and Founder Jennifer Wheeler Kahn is probably chasing her two boys #InternHudson and #InternJudah around the house, park, library, or museum. Kahn was a professional Stage Manager for 17 years getting to work on such shows as: The Deaf West Revival of Spring Awakening (Broadway), In the Heights (National Tour), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (La Jolla Playhouse and Paper Mill Playhouse), Hold Onto me Darling (Off-Broadway at the Atlantic), Kinship (starring Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Lowell at Williamstown Theatre Festival), and many productions at The Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. Over her last 4 years as a Stage Manager she also ran a blog on giveback and ethical style. SCENERY was born as the love child of these two parts of her heart. Ethical style, Theatre, and giving back to make theatre more accessible for others. "Thank you so much for being here, and for supporting this mission. We could not do any of this without you."

Debora Balardini joins Shoshana today at 5pm ET on The SHO Must Go On...line! Get to know her through her bio below: Debora Balardini is the co-founder of the award-winning organization Group.BR which is New York's only Brazilian theater company. Balardini is an entrepreneur, theater performer, director, producer, and educator. Taking a leap from multiple nominations for contributions to original theater productions, she proudly accepted an Essence of a Boss Award and was honored at the 39th annual Gralha Azul Awards in Brazil (2019). As a director fueled by inclusion in the arts, Balardini, and her ensemble were thrilled to be invited to perform a segment of Apple of My Eye at Unicef, as the assumed first professionally produced play by Tati Piancastelli, an actress and activist with Down syndrome who wrote the original piece. The play went on to win international recognition in 2016. As seen in Forbes, Howlround, Huffington Post, and Vogue Brazil/Taxi Amaralo. Website— Press— Photos by: Gilberto Tadday and Erika Morillo.

Louis Armistead is a storyteller. In film, he has written, edited, and directed both documentary and scripted projects. He is also a freestyle rapper who once opened for KRS-ONE and has shared the stage with Wayne Brady and Shockwave of Freestyle Love Supreme. He has been a part of FLS Academy since the beta class in 2018, and has been thrilled to stay on as a TA and Facilitator. Much to love to the entire FLS Academy fam! Join Louuuuuu and Shoshana today right here at 3:30pm ET.

Coming off a crazy successful pilot episode of PROPS! A Hip-Hop Game Show, BS joins Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line!

Kathleen Cogbill Warr and Libby Parker from the Broadway Makers Alliance join Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line!

Jen Scarpelli and Shoshana reunite for The SHO Must Go On...line! The two of them worked together at Comcast SportsNet (now NBC Sports Washington).

Qurrat Ann Kadwani (actress, writer, producer) is the first South Asian female to have a comedic solo play, THEY CALL ME Q, produced Off Broadway for which she has won awards including Best Actress, Best Play, NYS Assemblyman, Bronx Borough President, Trailblazer from SAIPAF, Cultural from AAPICC, Dream from SAPNA.

Featured on Fox News and highlighted as a “Woman Who Shapes the Future” on Fox 5 NY, she has performed over 200 times in 37 states, including at the United Nations and college campuses all over the US. Her second solo play on sexual violence prevention, INTRUSION, has also been produced Off Broadway with a college tour, received rave reviews and several awards including Best Performer. She is the founding Artistic Director of eyeBLINK ( and the head of the Theatre department. She is a graduate of The Bronx High School of Science and a theater graduate of SUNY Geneseo with a double scholarship recipient for her directing and acting contributions. Ms. Kadwani teaches private classes in Solo Play Creation, Monologue Writing and Performance, Monologue Prep, Audition Prep and Acting Business Plan. Regional theatre credits include Love Alone at Shaker Bridge Theatre and Baby Taj at Theatereworks Palo Alto. She is a working actress in NYC with many TV and Film credits - including Marisol currently on HBO. She has starred in and produced the short film The Fifth of November which has received rave reviews, awards and most recently, global distribution. She is also starring in and the Associate Producer of the award-winning short film Show & Tell. Fb: (artist page) Instagram and twitter: theycallmeqshow

Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter, and producer of new works of musical theater. In New York, her works have been featured at Lincoln Center, Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, and she runs a choir for new works of musical theater (New Work City) with writing partner Eric Fegan. As a composer/lyricist, Jamie has studied with Mindi Dickstein, William Finn, Rachel Sheinkin, Michael John LaChiusa, Steven Lutvak and Sybille Pearson. Jamie is the Administrative Assistant for Maestra Music Organization, and she writes the Women Who Wow Us series for the Maestra blog. She has also worked as an intern with Feinstein’s/54 Below, Tom Viertel/The Commercial Theater Institute, and Ken Davenport. She is a member of The Off-Broadway League, The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Maestra, ASCAP, The Dramatists Guild of America, and Fractured Atlas. Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian. She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is a photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman.

Brianna Simpkins is a New York based actor who, just a short while ago, thought she would be wasting her early 20s by going to law school, not by living through a global pandemic. She started out as a young child actress, changed courses, but then ended up right back where she belongs— in the performing arts with a love for song, dance and storytelling. She is a passionate activist, an iced coffee and boba tea aficionado, and the textbook definition of a mom friend. Follow her on twitter and instagram at @bribrisimps!

Marshall W. Mabry IV is an actor, singer, writer, audition room comedian and was a speaker for TEDXBROADWAY.

Freestyle Love Supreme Academy graduates Tahara Anderson (aka T) and Shoshana (aka bwaySHO) reunite Wednesday on The SHO Must Go On...line!

Abe Goldfarb, best known for being in the original Broadway cast of Beetlejuice, joins Shoshana Wednesday, September 9th at 5pm EST, on The SHO Must Go On...line! Abe originated ensemble roles like the mover, neighboor, and understudies Beetlejuice, Adam, Otho and Maxie Dean. On screen, he's been in When in Rome, The Horror at Gallery Kay, Pokémon and so much more.Abe performs an incredible rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" in this video.

Hayley St. James (they/them) is a Boston-born, usually-New York-based playwright and performer, and a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College’s class of 2020. A non-binary lesbian on the autism spectrum, they are deeply passionate about seeing themselves and their communities represented truthfully in all media, theatre first and foremost. In their theatrical work, they strive to marry authentic representation with hyper-theatrical, surreal, meta, and occasionally horny twists. They also have a thing for imaginary friends, ghosts, aliens, and well-handled pop culture references. Writing heroes and influences: John Cariani, Paula Vogel, Caryl Churchill, Samuel Beckett, William Shakespeare, and Neil Gaiman. Recent work: June 2020 - full-length "For Leonora, or, Companions" received a developmental reading in the Pride Plays festival co-sponsored by Playbill. Hayley is a lover of Coldplay, David Bowie and Lucas Steele. Follow them on social media and you'll know just how passionate they are. Follow Hayley @HayleyStJames on Twitter & @hades_stjames on IG.

Laura Schein is a writer, lyricist and actor living in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-creator and star of the acclaimed new musical Emojiland (New York Times Critics Pick; Richard Rodgers Award Finalist; Drama Desk, Lucille Lortel, Outer Critics Circle, Off-Broadway Alliance Nominee), which opened January 2020 off-Broadway at The Duke On 42nd St. She was on the music team for the animated feature UglyDolls, and co-wrote the Kelly Clarkson/Janelle Monae duet “Unbreakable,” which was shortlisted for the 2020 Academy Awards. She was a lyricist for the Netflix musical series Westside, and is currently in pre-production as a lyricist on the musical series Marriage Material for Jeffrey Katzenberg at Quibi.

Katie Oxman is a New York City AEA actress and color girl. Her fabulous outfits accompany her stunning performances, keeping you hooked and wanting more.

Follow her @katherinealice on Instagram and check out her website here:

Join us right here this Thursday, October 8th, at 5pm ET for The SHO Must Go On...line!

Daniel is currently riding a high for the viral musical theater parody of “Summer In New York” by Louisa Melcher, which had over 6 million views over multiple platforms. Check out Grocery Store: A New Musical! Daniel is a NYC based composer, arranger, orchestrator, and music director.

Original works include House Rules: A New Musical based on the New York Times Best Selling novel by Jodi Picoult, Construction Site on Christmas Night, a new score for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, commissioned by Bay Area Children’s Theatre, and a new score for Laura Eason’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer commissioned by MU Summer Repertory Theatre. He is a member of the advanced class of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

Music Direction credits include; Off-Broadway: Sistas, 54 Below Sings – ABBA, Ariana Grande, Pop Hits of the 2000s, The Jonas Brothers. Readings: Monstersongs (NAMT), The Big One-Oh! TYA, and Hans Christian Anderson TYA (The Kennedy Center’s New Visions, New Voices). iTheatrics Workshops: Heathers HSE, Chicago HSE, Andrew Lloyd Webber for Young Actors Cats, Mary Poppins JR., G2K… Footloose, Newsies JR., Sister Act JR., The Drowsy Chaperone JR., My Fair Lady School Edition, Finding Nemo JR. Orchestration credits include; “Princess” from Witches for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and over 50 songs for Oh, What a Night!, The Rhythm of Life, & Fantastical Families, and more, at Transcendence Theatre Company.

As an educator, he leads workshops at the international Junior Theater Festivals, Junior Theater Celebrations throughout the United States, and specialized music workshops for the Shubert Foundation and the NYC Department of Education.

Photo Credit: Rebecca J. Michelson (center) Marcus Woolen (top left), Shoshana/bwaySHO (bottom left), Monroe G Scott (bottom second to the right) Will Parker (bottom right)

The Skivvies are Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley, singer/actor/musicians performing stripped down arrangements of eclectic covers and eccentric originals. Not only is the music stripped down - cello, ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica - but the Skivvies literally strip down to their underwear to perform.

Nominated for "Show of The Year" for the 2015 MAC Award, The Wall Street Journal calls them “smart, sophisticated…ingenious,” and Out Magazine says, “The Skivvies have managed to carve out a niche that we never knew needed to exist: part Weird Al- parody and part sexy burlesque…and unusual explosion of satire and sultry.” People Magazine named The Skivvies “The Most Playful Performers” in The Most Talked about Bodies of 2014 issue and Sports Illustrated named them "Favorite New Band". The New York Times calls them “a hot musical comedy duo specializing in unexpected arrangements, incongruous mashups, and of course, highly toned displays of skin.”

Molina (Broadway's Rock of Ages, Sweeney Todd, Mary Zimmerman's Candide - Helen Hayes Award, Marry Me A Little) and Cearley (Broadway First National All Shook Up, Pageant, and on the OUT 100 list as one of the ‘most compelling actors of 2014’) met in 2003 performing in Theatreworks USA's national tour of the "Just So Stories". Quickly becoming best friends and musical collaborators, they began performing together in the city, with clothes on. The Skivvies were born in 2012, when they became YouTube sensations with their unique covers of artists like Robyn, Carole King and Rihanna. The videos led to live shows, and now this “musically thrilling”, undie-rock, comedy-pop duo continues to perform to sold-out audiences in New York and beyond.

Theatrically, Nick and Lauren are co-conceivers, as well as Linus and Lucy in a new actor-instrumental version of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown there debuted at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

They have also performed Off-Broadway together in Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man. They were also cast as Brad and Janet in The Rocky Horror Show at Bucks County Playhouse, directed by Hunter Foster.

Want to help The Skivvies produce their debut album? Check out their Undiegogo.

Photo Credit: Michael Kushner (top left), Jacqueline Patton (top center), Karsten Moran for The New York Times (bottom left), Monica Simoes (bottom middle).

Lacretta joins Shoshana on The SHO Must Go On...line! Lacretta is best known for her performance as Gary Coleman in Avenue Q, Levora in Disaster, A 1970's disaster movie… musical and Mrs. Lenox in Scotland, PA. Lacretta has toured with The Book of Mormon National Tour and Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story 25th Anniversary National Tour. Her credits also Hairspray and Ragtime. On screen, Lacretta has been in Gotham (Madame), Second Act (Suzi Teplitsky), Law & Order (Ronnie Pettus) and 30 Rock (Not Bev).

Jennifer Ashley Tepper is producer of the musicals Be More Chill, Broadway Bounty Hunter, and Love In Hate Nation. She is also the Creative and Programming Director at Feinstein's/54 Below, and the author of The Untold Stories of Broadway book series.

She is the creator of The Jonathan Larson Project and historian consultant on the upcoming film version of tick, tick...BOOM! Tepper was recently named recipient of a 2020 Lincoln Center Emerging Artist Award. As the leader of Feinstein's/54 Below's creative programming team, Tepper is responsible for programming every show at the Broadway supper club and concert venue. She has curated and overseen the production of over 3500 shows, ranging from musicals in concert, to original solo acts, to theatrical reunions, to songwriter celebrations, and beyond.

As a writer, Tepper has authored three volumes of The Untold Stories of Broadway series, published by Dress Circle. For these books, Tepper interviewed 250 theatre professionals about the Broadway theaters themselves and their stories of working in each house

Morgan Reilly

Zachary Thompson Lane

Beetlejuice Fans

SHOtreons Election Coverage

Jacklyn Thrapp

Kathryn Allison & Yvonne Stennett Chat CLOTH's 68th Gala

Grace Vaughan

Devin Ilaw

Tanya Heath

Christae Evanson

Elinor T Vanderburg and Drew Vanderburg

Broadway Broads

Emily Boyd

Harrison Bryan: A Hanukkah Carol

Broadway Makers Alliance Holiday Edition

Erin Black & Backstage Bazaar

Katie Johantgen & James Penca

Shoshana will continue to update this website with more episodes of #TheSHOMustGoOnline as they happen. Spring will come again, and when it does, we'll see you at the SHO!

To Subscribe to Shoshana's bwaySHO YouTube Channel, please click here. If you'd like to support her bwaySHO Patreon and become a SHOtreon click here! Thanks for watching & we'll see you at the SHO!

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