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USWNT earns 4th World Cup Victory

I've been a strong US Women's National Team supporter since I was a little girl and my love for this team has only grown throughout the years. I'm compiling my USWNT fandom throughout the years for your enjoyment!

I travelled with friend to the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada. Then I covered the Ticker-Tape Parade down the Canyon of Heroes. You can bet I'll be there on Wednesday!

After the US topped England in true Independence Day fashion, I was interviewed by Reuters, NBC & a Brooklyn student's final project! You can see the interview here!

As a proud New Yorker and strong supporter of the USWNT, I returned to DUMBO for the Women's World Cup finals! After our roaring victory, I was approached for a few interviews. Is my fandom that strong? Yes it is!!!

I returned home and grandma hugs me and says: "I just saw you on tv! Shoshana Medney!!!!" Check out my interview here! (You might have to wait for the second video where they chat about DUMBO, but it's all the same link).

You can reach me @bwaySHO!

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