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Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire's SPACE DOGS opens Off-Broadway

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Head inside opening night of Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire' SPACE DOGS at MCC.

Watch their opening night curtain call and performance of "The Space Dogs Of The Cosmodrome."

Hear from Nick, Van and Laika as they celebrate opening with Shoshana.

Learn more about SPACE DOGS on MCC Theater's website.

SPACE DOGS is an epic new musical that tells the mind-blowing true story of Laika and the Chief Designer — a stray dog and the top-secret Russian scientist who sent her to space during the Cold War. Written and performed by Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire, it is a sweeping, kaleidoscopic tale of invention, betrayal, international political intrigue, and the immortal friendship that exists between man and dog, as they journey together to the stars.

Go to the stars with SPACE DOGS director Ellie Heyman.

SPACE DOGS Music and lyrics by Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire, directed by Ellie Heyman and choreographed by Darrel Grand Moultrie.

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