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World Theatre Day: Looking back at BroadwayCon's First Look

For World Theatre Day, we're revisiting one of the most anticipated moments of every BroadwayCon: First Look.

The SIX wives performed in front of an electric crowd at the 5th annual BroadwayCon.

"You could drive a person crazy" being without Broadway, luckily the boyfriends of COMPANY are here for you.

"What you gonna do when the chips are down - Now that the chips are down?

Head down to Hadestown with the Fates.

Rob McClure shows off his puppet skills while performing the "Telling Time Rap"

The children of Mrs. Doubtfire took over the stage to perform "What The Hell"

"I think I'm back in the dream" watching the company of Sing Street sing "Up."

"Wake Up" with cast members from Jagged Little Pill.

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